Travel Documents

On arrival in St-Pierre et Miquelon, visitors must present the following documents:

  • Citizens from the European Community (French included):  provide a valid passport, necessary for transit into Canada.
  • Canadian Citizens:Please find below the list of Canadian identity documents valid for entry on St.Pierre and Miquelon direct from Canada:

    – passport,
    – the regular or “plus” driver’s license,
    – the regular identity card or “plus”,
    – the secured certificate of Indian status, models after 15.12.2009,
    – the permanent resident card.

    The following documents are not valid:

    – the certificate of citizenship,
    – the school or student card,
    – the health insurance certificate,
    – the social insurance card -MCP-,
    – the birth or baptismal certificate.

  • Other Nationalities:  provide a valid passport and may need a visa (depending on the nationality).

Make sure that any children either have their own passport or ID card or are registered on yours.

If in doubt, please contact the immigration officials in St. Pierre:  tel (508) 41 15 55; fax (508) 41 24 79.