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Get the best deal for Kitesurfing Equipment from the largest online choice at Browse your favorite brands reasonable prices free shipping on many products. Solo kiteboarding has been a frequent adding cause to accidents; kiteboarders need to kite with friends and maintain an eye on one another. A kitesurfer can get farther from shore compared to an easy swim, which is the primary cause kitesurfing in directly offshore wind gusts is discouraged. Marine hazards consist of sharks, jellyfish, sea otters, dolphins, and even crocodiles, depending on the location. Too much water has been a factor in severe accidents too and may have been avoided in some cases by using an appropriate flotation aid or influence vest and development of acceptable going swimming skills.

Kite High Guideline – A kiter who is upwind (closest to the wind) must maintain their kite high to avoid their particular lines crossing those of downwind kiters. Similarly, the downwind kiter should keep their kite low to prevent their lines crossing upwind kites. This applies regardless of whether kiters take the same, or opposing courses.

A personal flotation device or even PFD may be required if the kitesurfer is using a boat or individual water craft for support. Additionally it is recommended for kitesurfing in heavy water in case the kitesurfer turns into disabled and must wait for save.

In-may 2012, the course racing design of kitesurfing was announced as an activity for the 2016 Rio Olympics, 17 replacing windsurfing However , following a vote by the General Assembly of ISAF in November 2012 (in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland) the RSX windsurfer was reinstated for men and women this was an unprecedented decision once the constituent members of ISAF overthrew a decision made by the ISAF Council 18 Kitesurfing remains therefore a non-Olympic sport until 2020 at the earliest. The ISAF mid-year meeting of May 2013 proposed seeking an eleventh medal to include kitesurfing in 2020 19 at the same time there is a commitment made to retain the existing Kiteschools in Thailand various other 10 classes as they are with regard to 2020 and even 2024 including the RSX windsurfer for men and women.

Any kind of location with consistent, steady side-onshore winds (10 to 35+ knots), large open bodies of water and great launch areas is suitable for kitesurfing. Most kitesurfing takes place along sea shores, usually off beaches, however it can also be practiced on large ponds and inlets and occasionally upon rivers. Since kiteboarding relies seriously on favorable, consistent wind problems, certain locations tend to become popular plus sought out by kiteboarders.

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