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When it comes to rat hutches, the larger the better. Well aired: This cage is completely open. It really is made up of a wire mesh aside from the solid, flat base. This can help the cage stay well aired. This is perfect for people that live in warm climates. The open, airy style helps create a cooling cross wind for your chinchillas.

Chinchilla cages are large and they are very difficult to move from one amount of your house to another. A cage which is easy to disassemble will be easier that you can carry upstairs as compared to a fixed construction. It depends on the frequency of motion of your cage. If you want to take your crate outside for washing or any additional purposes, consider the design of the parrot cage and how difficult it will be to move close to.

Finally, the particular structure of your rat cage must give your rats some enjoyable activities. Getting a multi leveled competition is a good idea. Your rats can climb up up the ledges and turn it in to a game. This also gives them great exercise. You should also look at how aged your rats are. If you have a good elderly rat, multiple levels could be inconvenient for it. It would have to proceed too much and this could cause it needless strain. If you have an elderly verweis, try to get it a flat cage It will help it stay active without making itself too much.

HOUSING & ENVIRONMENT: the smallest cages thinking that because the pet is small, it does not need much room. Rats love to run and explore. A 20-gallon glass tank is an excellent sized cage for one to two rats, a 40-gallon is even better and can house up to four rats.